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Daniel Bim

3D Generalist, Freelancer

State: Zurich
Country: Brazil
Website: http://danielvbim.wixsite.com/danielbim
Email: *****@gmail.com
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Daniel Bim is a Brazilian. He is a 3D artist, who loves his work above every other thing, and has been in the field for five years now. He has had the opportunity to live in Brazil and Switzerland. Currently, Daniel Bim works with a game company in England, working on a play station game.
Daniel Bim finds fulfilment and joy in helping people in every way that he can so much that he believes that is what he is purposed to do in life, alongside the creation of game arts, seeing it as a means to express himself and to contribute to society the best way he can. Apparently, he loves to meet people, as he states that the greatest form of achievement for him is: living in different countries; meeting different cultures; being able to make play station games for people and the feeling that follows the appreciation and admiration showered on him by lovers of what he does making of games.
His success, he said, he gained, not just through the regular nine to five job, but through regular study, constant learning, and hard work. Although, animating is his passion, he has learned a bit of everything that is necessary to create an animation. Therefore, he has been able to do a lot of different works in many different areas. Hence, he advised every individual who aims at being successful to work harder and to love what they do.

Personal life

3D artist

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