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Sacha Poignonnec


Born: 1980-07-09
Country: France
Phone: 3363206****
Website: www.jumia.com
Email: ************@jumia.com
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Sacha Poignonnec born July 9, 1980 is the Co Founder and CEO Jumia Worldwide, He is also the co-CEO of Africa Internet Group, the leading online platform in Africa. AIG aims to accelerate the shift to online services in Africa Ė for its people and its culture. AIG has built up a platform consisting of multiple web companies including, the online retailers JUMIA, Zando and Kaymu, food delivery platform Hellofood, estate agent Lamudi, motoring marketplace Carmudi, hotel site Jovago and Africaís Uber, Easy Taxi.Sacha is also the Managing Director, Africa & France at Rocket Internet GmbH. Before joining Rocket Internet, Sacha Poignonnec worked for McKinsey in Paris and New York, focusing on Consumer Goods and Retail. Sacha started his career with Arthur Andersen, and then participated in the creation of Accuracy, a corporate finance boutique based in Paris. Sacha holds a Masterís Degree in Business Administration from EDHEC Business School, France, where he majored in Finance.

Jumia has become Africaís best-funded e-commerce startup. In February 2016, its parent company, Jumia Group, which was then called Africa Internet Group, became the continentís first unicorn, surpassing a billion dollars in market value thanks to a funding round from the insurance company A.X.A. (A later round involving Goldman Sachs, among others, confirmed the valuation.) Jumia Group is often referred to as the ďAmazon.com of Africa,Ē but itís more like a Silicon Valley unto its own, with eleven digital ventures spread out across twenty-three countries. The largest and most important of Jumia Groupís ventures is the shopping site Jumia.com, which operates in eleven countries; the parent company also owns African versions of Hotels.com (Jovago), Uber (EasyTaxi), Gilt (Zando), and Zillow (Lamudi), among others. In 2012, Jeremy Hodara and Sacha Poignonnec, co-founders and co-CEOs of Jumia, founded Jumia (formerly known as Africa Internet Group). Hodara and Poignonnec have overseen the successful launch and expansion of nine services in more than twenty countries across Africa. Hodara spent seven years working at McKinsey in France, India, and the USA, consulting clients in retail and e-commerce. Hodara is a graduate of HEC Paris with a master's degree in Business Administration. Poignonnec worked for McKinsey in Paris and New York, focusing on Consumer Goods and Retail. He started his career with Arthur Andersen, and then participated in the creation of Accuracy, a corporate finance boutique based in Paris. He holds a master's degree in business administration from EDHEC Business School, France, and he majored in Finance.

The billion-dollar question, for investors, is whether the opportunity afforded by Africaís large and growing population outweighs the structural challenges the continent presents. Fewer than a quarter of African roads are paved, according to the International Road Federation, and many of Jumia Groupís core markets, including Nigeria, Kenya, and Egypt, struggle with access to electricity and frequent outages. Moreover, fewer than a third of Africans have the Internet service they need to order goods and services online.

Nowhere is the belief that these limitations can be overcome greater than in Nigeria, the continentís largest economy and most populous nation, with more than a hundred and eighty million people. Jumia Groupís head office lies in the Yaba district of Lagos, which in recent years has drawn an increasing number of tech incubators and startups. The presence of these companies has helped to reverse a long-standing pattern of brain drain, drawing in talented Nigerians who might once have gone abroad, enticing others to return, and luring ambitious Western professionals, too. Jumia Group, which was founded in 2012 by the Berlin-based company Rocket Internet, has more than three thousand employees; its C.E.O., Sacha Poignonnec, a former McKinsey consultant, is French, while Jumiaís chief executive in Nigeria, Juliet Anammah, is Nigerian.

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